• [PRE-ALPHA] Galactic Warfare

    Ignore the thumbs down, they are from previous games. Galactic Warfare is heavily in development now, expect data resets and major changes during this time. Follow me on twitter to keep up with the latest updates!

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  • Shipping Lanes [Beta 1.2.8]

    Updates will be more frequent and less content in each. CONTROLS: W,A,S,D to drive or arrow keys. Q AND E Docking thrusters Paid access will be removed once the game is complete. Join Shipping Lanes group for the latest and future updates for the game! Shipping Lanes is a game where you own a cargo ship Large or Small and you deliver cargo to different destinations. HOW TO PLAY: 1) First of all, you need to press play on the menu screen. 2) Spawn your ship and move it under a crane. 3) Press the Dock button on the Gui at the bottom. (You speed must be 0 or it won't dock) 4) Once docked pick your cargo and load it on your ship 5) Now deliver the cargo the specified port and repeat the steps (Use map to navigate your way)

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  • Sinking Ship

    Sinking Ship is a game where your main objective is to survive a ship that is Sinking in the middle of the Ocean. The ship may sink from the Stern or Bow, so you better keep a look out! There are multiple badges to earn all around the ship, But don't forget that the Ship is Sinking and your primary goal is to survive!

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  • [2.1.3] Disaster Hotel Revamped

    Update Log -Mostly Fixed spawning on the roof of the lobby (You may still spawn on top of it) -Fixed Teleport Pads Your goal is to survive a variety disasters that are thrown at the hotel! Credit to Waterlimon AKA radioaktiivinen for the Orignal Hotel Game of that I have Revamped and created a new hotel model from scratch. I have also re scripted some scripts and hope to re script even more scripts to make the game run ever smoother with less bugs!

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  • Sinking Ship Simulator v1.0.1

    Sinking Ship Simulator is a game where you are made to survive different types of ships sinking. Each ship has its own challenges and design floors that you need to navigate. Join the Sinking Ship Fan club for all the latest news and more!

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