• [🎉 NEW!] Medieval Warfare: Reforged

    Version 3.2.0 is here! 🔧 - Cost to repair weapons reduced to ONE ore (down from TWO)! ⚔️ - Two new melee weapons, and a new ranged weapon! 💎 - New ore! 🌲 - New wood! 🦁 - Two new pets! 🎩 - Three new hats! 👮 - Security and exploit detection upgrades. Four kingdoms and an outpost, an endless battle between sworn enemies. Be a king, miner, lumberjack or one of the many other roles available! Challenge your friends or work with them to conquer the land; the choice is yours! ------------------------------------ Remember to THUMBS UP and FAVORITE if you liked it! Follow our social media for updates and in-game promotional codes! Twitter: @Exohda Facebook: Exohda Official Medieval Warfare: Reforged Group Update Log & Notes [Version 3.2.0] Game Credits

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