Heyo, I am JiveOff, a french guy that enjoys Roblox on his free time! 

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I'm a Product Developer on Stepford County Railway - https://www.roblox.com/games/696347899/Stepford-County-Railway 

I am also fluent in JavaScript and Lua, my main projects are:
 - SCR Trainer, the bot that manages the trainings on SCR. It also ranks people automatically once the last trainee is assessed and logs everything on the Com Server Amazing huh?
 - SCR Assistance, the bot that manages tickets on our Communications Server. You can contact a HR anytime by pinging the bot on our server.
 - SCR Admin, the moderation bot for the Stepford com server.
 - SCR Transcript, a TTS-STT bot.
 - Jive's, a WIP fast food game with advanced fast food mechanics such as Kiosk Screens and Kitchen Screens.
 - M20, T18, RET, and many other french transport games. I mainly script information screens and real time systems.


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