• [💸SALE] SCP Tower Defense

    Recruit Foundation soldiers, elite MTF units, crazy devices and gadgets or even non-hostile SCPs as towers to aid in your battle and defense against Scarlet King and his army. Protect the world from SCP anomalies in this horror/thriller twist to the tower defense genre! Enjoy: * 30+ towers of SCP units, MTF agents & more, 5+ being evolved versions with crazy abilities * 4 gamemodes, 3 events, defend against 25, 30, 35 waves of hordes of entities * Over 75 enemies with crazy abilities, tags & more featuring your favorite SCP characters * 9+ gadgets as cool active abilities to aid your defense, 10+ maps of various difficulty and rewards * Badge quests, over 20 tower skins & more!

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  • [BIG UPDATE] Arena Legends

    From humble beginnings to a legendary gladiator! Challenge other players in a duel, spectate others and cheer at their victory (or failure). Win duels, gain coins and gems to buy better weapons, armor and spells! Gain enough favor to rise to the next arena! Show everyone you are the king of this Colosseum! Please give feedback! There are many changes and updates under planning. NEW UPDATE (VERSION 1.7): Training! You don't have to jump around while waiting for a match, endlessly duel in the Training area now! Added new rarity system! Try to find a Mythical Morning Star for a Mega BONK. Added new item system, why own one of item when you can have infinite? Added 2 new NPCs, Blacksmith and Trader. Mr. Blacksmith upgrades and dismantles your items while Mr. Trader sells you chests and sweet deals! Reworked UI, now things will be clearer, with a new tutorial. A more interactive tutorial is also on the horizon. Lots of small changes and balancing.

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