Hi! I'm thebenster, but you can call me Ben. I'm a full-time student and a part-time developer. I enjoy playing the piano and making cake. My brothers are teetee04 and JustJoshingYa, feel free to tell them hi!

I made a demolition crew!


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  • ★Make a Cake And Feed the Giant Noob★

    Welcome to Make a Cake and Feed the Giant Noob! With many choices of making your cake, there are a total of 307 combinations of cakes! There are 6 stations in making your cake, and then you feed it to the Giant Noob. There are 17 flavors to have for your cakes, including: strawberry, chocolate, cherry, Hotdog, N00B, bacon, blueberry, and vanilla. There are also multiple options of toppings and oven temperatures. Every second you are in the game, you earn 1$, to use in the shop where there is over 25 items to buy! Complete the mini obby for extra in-game cash!

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  • [DESC!] Make a Cake: Back for Seconds!

    I'm happy to announce that Make a Cake will have a new VIP room this Saturday at 3PM PST! Hope to see you there! :) Private Servers now have 20% off all items in the shop! Also Private Server owners get copy and delete tools as well can make cake rain in the game for FREE! Enjoy! If you have any suggestions for future updates, send me a pm! I love hearing your ideas for the game! Welcome to Make a Cake: Back for Seconds! Select from dozens of toppings, frostings, effects, and much more to create a deliciously unique cake. Explore the giant cake factory and its many rooms for random perks, quests, and secrets. Have fun!

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