Directing, programming and creating art for games is what I do.
I only add people who I know or people who I work with. 

Check out Helix Nebula Studio, the dev group which I work in on Roblox. Many new projects will be published there from now on, more updates on @HelixNebulaDevs Twitter!


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  • Rise of the Dead

    Revived 1.3.5 Beta Update Highlights: • Wave Survival is here! The sector is unlocked and can now be discovered in the sewers. • New mods for sub-machine guns and sniper rifles. • Added secret to the W.D. Mall safehouse. Explore and help NPCs survive this apocalyptic world where zombies are evolving with special abilities and bandits are preying on the weak. Craft, build and research weapons, weapon modifications and upgrade your weapons to defeat your enemies. Co-op together to defeat zombie and rogue human bosses and raids to scavenge rewards!

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  • Rise of the Dead: Dev Branch

    ~ PLEASE READ BEFORE BUYING ACCESS ~ Development Branch: • Rise Of The Dead sandbox. • Save data reset every week. • Extra /cmds available. • Cinematic mode with Shift + P. • Testing new updates. NOTE: By purchasing access, you understood that this is the development version of the game and there will be issues. Refunds will not be possible so purchase at your own risk. This is for players who want to help by providing constructive feedback to improve the game. If you want to play the full game, please go to:

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  • A.C.E.L.

    A.C.E.L. also known as Accelerated Coefficient Effects Laboratories. Current Development: Server Manager. Just a testing ground for me to test my scripts and creations. :)

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