Hi. My favorite games are Mario, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Crysis, Halo Series, and CoD.

Pokemon Pearl FC: 3738 3276 0207
Pokemon Platinum FC: 0861 7137 5618
Pokemon Soul Silver FC: 5070 8545 1868
Pokemon Black FC: 3954 6338 2764
Nintendo 3DS FC: 2105 8653 6445

Mario Kart DS FC: 3137 8164 3654
Mario Kart Wii FC: 5156 4687 1960

Level Calculator: 86

Referral code: 27-461-811

Not donating or selling any of my places or tix or robux!

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  • EaRtHqUaKe Apocalypse!City Version New PowerPlant!

    When the place regenerates, You may lose connection. If this happens, just reenter the game. The regeneration process is a heavy load on the server so it usually drops some players. Many of you have been complaining about lag... I have created a simpler version of this game here: It was a normal day in Robloxia... Then, all of a sudden, you hear a big CRACK. You look outside the window of your house to see the street in front of you split open. A car falls into the lava below. The place regenerates every 30 mins. If there is someone being a noob, say "kick [insert noob here]" to vote kick them from the game. Say "Reset" to reset your robloxian. If you have lag, it is from Roblox having to run scripts and physics for about 6000 bricks at the same time.

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  • EaRtHqUaKe Apocalypse!!! ~Simple Version~

    Many of you were complaining about lag in my original version, so this version just has the neighborhood. The place regens every 5 mins. Say "reset" to reset your robloxian. Here is the link to the City Version:

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  • Mario Kart!

    Just need to add a few more details...

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  • Luigi's Mansion! *Best on Roblox*

    WARNING: this place is thousands of bricks big and most of them have textures. If you have lag, it is your computer; my computer has no lag when playing this game. Latest update: Added mouse hole from Butler's room to the secret room. Luigi's Mansion is not totally complete, but it is open to the public now! I will still be making updates and adding finishing details in the future like ghosts and a working Poltergust 3000. I have hidden a Nintendo 64, can you find it?

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  • Zelda Spirit Tracks! ~Forest Realm~ Read Desc.

    UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!!!!!!! I am replacing all the old tracks with new ones. You can go max speed around turns now. WARNING! may be laggy for some people.

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