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I build so that Robloxians can enjoy their time spent on Roblox.

April 15 2011


  • Weapon Kit

    🌟 USE CODE PACKS TO CELEBRATE THE UPDATE! 🔥 JOIN THE GROUP FOR A NEW CODE! 👍 NEW CODE AT 25K LIKES! ⚔️ Fight others and destroy the map with a random loadout each time you spawn! You get a random weapon from the ones you choose for each category! 💣 Collect Dollas and Gold and spend them to unlock skins, or to expand your arsenal with new swords, rocket launchers, guns, grenades and many more! 🔔 Follow the game for exclusive codes! 👍 Leave a like if you enjoy the game! 🐦 Follow me @89fiveRBX on Twitter for updates and codes! https://twitter.com/89fiveRBX Latest Update: -added weapon packs, double xp pass, crosshair customizer pass -added 12 new weapons +More! Full update log: https://devforum.roblox.com/t/1368723

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