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    ~ Walmart Tycoon ~ Start your very own Walmart store in this tycoon! The store also has a McDonalds attached to it, so you can serve customers and players food while they shop in your very own store! You can save your progress for next time with the save button! 👍 Thumbs up = You're Awesome! 👍 Have Fun! THANKS FOR 23 MILLION VISITS!!! Thanks to the following large YouTubers who have played: LankyBox - 25+ million Subscribers ItsFunneh (Funnehcake) - 10+ million Subscribers GamerGirl (karinaOMG) - 6+ million Subscribers Harik a Panda (HeronPuppy) - 1.5+ million Subscribers konas2002 (Konas2002Xbox) - 865k+ Subscribers

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