Hey, I'm creator of 'Speed Race', 'Bus Driver City' and 'Sword Fighters'. I worked on Robloxian Highschool from the beginning (July 2016 until March 2018) and won a Bloxy with that team.

If you want to message me, be sure to follow me first! Drop me a PM if you want to ask me a question, but I might not always have the time to reply.Read More

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  • Speed Race

    Compete against the clock and your fellow players as you battle to finish the course in the fastest time. Buy trails to customise your look, earn coins and level up to Level 20! 📄 Update: 14th May - All new Spanish Translations! 🇪🇸 👉 Join the fan group for the latest news and discussion! 🐦 Follow MasterDaniel on twitter for update previews: Want to make a map? Take this model template, create your map and send a link to me via PM :)

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  • Sword Fighters

    Compete against your friends and fellow players as you attempt to become the ultimate Sword Fighter. Take part in game modes such as Knockout, Survival and the exciting Clan Clash. JOIN THE GROUP! Based on Sword Fighting Tournament

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  • Bus Driver City 6.3

    Bus Driver City - the game where you can ride and drive buses, pick up passengers, drive around freely, earn cash and much more! The game is based on the UK, so please drive on the left! To control the bus, sit in the drivers seat and click the GUI. LINKS Fan Group: Travel ROBLOXia:

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  • Bus Driver City Universe

    Play the 4 previous BDCs here!

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  • Inversion

    Inversion is a new puzzle game all about knowing when and when not to follow your logic. Don't listen to your instincts on "Inversion" levels and you may just make it through... * New levels will be added in the future!

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  • Escape

    This was an entry for GCC in 2014. You've woken up in a place you don't recognise... or maybe you do? Have you been here before... and more importantly, can you escape? Created by MasterDev Studios: Lead Developer, Builder and Programmer: MasterDaniel Extra Building: Developeur Sound Engineer: RustedTurnip The game features an original soundtrack composed by RustedTurnip

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