• FREE Admin House (300+ commands)

    A remastered, updated classic admin house. A relic of the past. Except I will continuously add, update, and modify commands to give players the best experiences; While at the same time making commands non-abusable. Q: How do I play? A: Complete the Obby and step on the admin pad, then say :cmds for a list of commands. Q: What makes this different than the rest of the admin houses? A: I attempted to allow as much freedom with the admin, while making the experience enjoyable for all. For instance, building tools can be very destructive, therefore I buffed them and you cannot block the admin house. However, you can still enjoy building tools! Q: Why Adonis Admin? A: Adonis makes it really easy to modularly add new commands, so I can constantly add new commands. Q: Where can I suggest commands? A: Message me, and if I like it, I'll give you credit.

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