Hi there! I'm most known for being the lead developer/creator of the game Steam Age. 

I like various forms of transport, mainly locomotion and aviation! I previously built aircraft, but this is no longer something I do around here.

I will not accept friend requests, build/script you things, sell my models, and I will not teach you how to develop stuff. I learned how to develop myself, and I found that the Roblox Wiki and YT are very helpful sources for these kinds of things.

That's pretty much all there is to know about me. Have a good day.Read More

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  • Steam Age

    Steam Age is a game based in the United Kingdom during the 1960s where steam locomotives were still very common amongst Britain's railways, with the production of the then-new diesel locomotives slowly making them extinct. This game is a work in progress which means that things will be changed and are yet to be implemented. Updates will be provided at my own pace now, as monthly updates are becoming less feasible. You can check out my Twitter page (@Synchorus) or join the fan group for updates! Steam Age Fan Club: *This game was uploaded on an old place slot, released in 2016, not 2011*

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  • British Skies V1.0

    Creation date: 17th June, 2012 Welcome! British Skies was one of my earliest projects and was a breakthrough for me to better my building skills back in 2012, development lasted a couple of years until support was finally given up on it for other projects. A second iteration of this game titled 'British Skies V2' was worked on but unfortunately support for that was given up on too due to a number of reasons. It's unlikely this game will ever see itself out of experimental mode as it may not function properly without it. I would highly recommend FlightLin3D, A Place With Airliners, Velocity Flight Simulator and any other simulators out there as this is nowhere near as a good flight simulator as it used to be. Credit to Crazyman32 for the planekit used in these planes.

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  • Aviation Showcase

    This is a showcase which exhibits some planes which I've made over my time on ROBLOX, dating back to 2012 where I made my first mesh plane. As a fun fact, my Gloster Meteor landed a spot on the blog once in an older version of this place after I submitted a link for it on Twitter:

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  • Boeing 767-200 ~ Showcase

    Development: January to July 2015 This rather long-winded project was my final complete aircraft in a series of aircraft builds lasting over 4 years, and since being worked on in the development timeline, it's been showcased here with some additional functionality scripted into it. Do understand that this is just an exhibit of my past work and not something like a flight simulator where you're expecting to hop into this and fly it out of the hangar. I seriously don't know why this has so much attention but all I can say is thank you all very much for the support! I appreciate it! Additional feature (as of 2/11/17): - You can press H to hide all of the GUIs that may obstruct any photos you plan on taking.

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  • Flying Scotsman ~ Showcase

    I've stopped working on this project. It's still here for you to check out. Believe it or not, this was my first actual attempt at a steam locomotive which was made to a finished standard (lasted from February 2016 to June/July 2016), there were still many things I wanted to do for this project but since detailed builds became time consuming and boring for me, I stopped. Don't expect me to update this at all since I'm working on other things now.

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