• Noobs vs Zombies Tycoon 2

    Noobs vs Zombies Tycoon 2 is a incomplete action-packed game where you fight for World Dominance as a Noob or as a Zombie! Participate in these large-scaled battles by joining in on Leadership Tycoon where both nations use leaders to deploy everything they've got to eradicate their enemies from the globe: infantry, sieges, planes, helicopters, giants, bosses, and more will be spotted in this war for World Dominance! If the action in leadership is too much, you can stray away and build up your own personal tycoon in Idle Tycoon, focusing on your own land, defenses, and economy while fending off occasional enemies. (COMING SOON) Currently running at v0.67.0 Game is immensely incomplete with many key components missing. Everything is subject to change. Thanks to Palotomb (1) & Jackd608 (2) for the trailers. Official Roblox Group: https://www.roblox.com/groups/4150252/Noobs-vs-Zombies-Tycoon-2-Fan-Group

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  • Noobs vs Zombies: Realish

    A comedy-based military setting where you play as a Noob or as a Zombie and fight each other on the battlefield with a little bit of more realism involved this time around! With the many weapons provided to you, fight on several different maps which may contains vehicles, NPCs, armor, and use these equipment to your advantage to overwhelm your enemies and claim victory for your faction; Epic Heroes and Bosses will become available for players to use when the situation on the battlefield gets tense. Rank up to unlock cosmetics, perks, and more weapons for your Character of choice Last time game was updated: 12/26/23

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