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    Sorry! Now that I am getting old I am un-able to update this stable. All of my horses/lesson horses are ride able. Please enjoy them, Very fun to roleplay on! -LivelyLusa :) A fun farm were u can pm me for a horse or lease 1 here is the form if you want me to make you a horse! Name: Horse Type ( Clydesdale, Arabian,Normal horse.): Saddle,Blanket: Mane Color: Tail Color: Body Color: Markings: Xp I dont expect them to buck fe of them are owned this is a nice clean new farm not many ppl go to i thank 8starstruck8 and troublesangel7 for the insporation thanks hope you come and have and yes u may find me on sometimes hope you have a BLAST!!! :) LIMIT OF 2 HORSES NEW NEW NEW!!

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