I have quit ROBLOX, if you want to keep up with me, check out my YouTube Channel and Twitter! If you message me, expect a reply in weeks if not months... Or maybe even never.

I don't accept friend requests. Follow me instead!

Items I won't trade:
JJ5x5's White Top Hat
Valkyrie Helm

I am DerAtomik, a ROBLOX Game Developer who can't seem to create a popular ROBLOX Game. I usually spend my time working on my games and playing others'. I am American, but the majority of my ancestors are German and Swiss. I also have surprising skills in the German language. I'd say I'm semi-fluent.

I accept messages from everyone, but I will only reply to friends or meaningful messages. A "meaningful message," it shouldn't be something I commonly get; such as spam, scams, and invites. If it's a good suggestion for my game(s), you're reporting a bug to me, or you ask a good question, then I'll reply.Read More

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    Latest Version: 5.15b -=[Playable Devices]=- Computer Tablet Join the WTT? fan group for updates, and occasional raffles! About this game: One person is selected randomly to be the Traitor. Nobody but they know who it is. Everyone has weapons (Everyone else is a Survivor), but the Survivors mustn't kill each other, they must witness deaths. The Traitor does not get hurt or lose points when he/she kills others. If the Traitor wins, they get 6 points. If they die, the Survivors who are still alive get 2 points each. The points also count as Player Points! Update Log Key: +New -Change/Fix *Removal Update Log: -Medigun is now easier to heal with, but heals slower -Medkit's healing time has been nerfed +New Intermission song

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