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I’m a developer and YouTuber with over 275k subscribers from UK. I make videos that teach people how to make their own Roblox games. Check them out, you might learn something!
(Please read the entirety of my bio!)

Working on a game with Neutre, to be released April 2021. 
Developer with TAYF Digital, makers of TPS Ultimate Soccer

I can't accept friend requests as I have too many, it's unfair. Begging will get you blocked or muted.

I can't shout you out in videos, nor do private scripting tuition. I learnt myself, you can too. Many more resources are available to help you today than there were when I learnt.

"Your first game will be awful. But you can't make your 50th without making your first. So get it over with, and make it." - @werenotwizards

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