Yo. This person kept following me into games and is saying creepy things. I think this is their profile. Be very careful.

My Creator Code: casperfox!/game-instances

Heres my Resume/talents:
- Moderator and Content Creator for Skilled Games
- Programmer/Scripter
- Roblox Developer Forum New Member
- Member of Roblox Beta Program

- Blender/3D Modeling
- Building


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  • Rubik's Cube [Points System, Roblox Premium Radio]

    Please Report Bugs or Ideas to me! Latest Version - 1.2 - Points System! The longer you play, the more points you get! - Ability to buy points for Robux has been added! - Ability to use points coming very soon! :) Last Version - 1.1 - Roblox Premium Members Get Music Access Free!! Based on Premium Members activity, that will help support me as a game developer! This is the only Premium perk as of this moment. - 1 Player Servers Added Contact Casperfox with any ideas/thoughts!

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  • Game Night [Season 6]

    -Join Skilled Games for more info and details about Game Nights!!/about - VIP Pass: - Make sure to like and favorite the game! Hit the follow button to get notified about updates/changes! - Game Icon and Thumbnail made by Bluetriggerfish - If any text pops up on the error board, Please Message casperfox! New Update: - Wins Leaderboard has been added! Will be used in the future! - Statues of the winners from previous challenges have been added to game! - New Weekly Gear: Cheezburger - Game Bug Fixes Previous Update: - New VIP Shirt now can be purchased (New Pet for VIP Owners: Irony Pet)! - Old Weekly Gear: Bloxy Cola - New Buy Billboard Button

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  • Knife Throwing Practice [POINTS]

    Welcome to knife throwing practice! Train and prepare for attackers in Murderer Types of Games! Get Ready For Battle! Fight against Moving NPC's to train for your favorite Murderer Games! NEW UPDATE: 9/8/18 - New Points System -Shop Update! -You Can Now Buy VIP Servers -New Guns -New Knifes -Removed IPad Knife (Temp) Previous Update: 3/31/18 - Fixed Desert Map Walls - Shop Text Color - No More Clothing Change! - Ragdoll Bug Owner- Casperfox Co-Owner- Rainyballoon Testers - lilwaynforlife and crazybombdom

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