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  • [HUGE UPDATE] Dragon Ball Legendary Powers 2

    Welcome to Dragon Ball Legendary Powers 2! In this game, you create your character, train, fight, and grow stronger! Be sure to talk with every NPC so that you know how to play the game. Press F to fly (hold mouse to move). Hold Q for autododge. Press E for melee strikes. Press T for training. Talk to trainers to learn other controls. 9/18/17: +Added Ki Sensing! Press K to see how strong other players are! Gods can only be sensed by other gods. +Added Hit! +Added Fusion! Players who have wished for power from shenron, and have at least maximum 150,000,000 BP can fuse with eachother! Enter Ki Sensing mode and click on a player to send a fusion request. Must be in base form to fuse, and must have BPs within 10%. *BP is no longer decreased by fatigue while in gravity room, due to confusion about how it works *Bug Fixes *Kaioken lasts a little longer

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  • [SSJR] Dragon Ball Legendary Powers

    Press "[" to ascend and "]" to descend Welcome to Dragon Ball Legendary Powers! This is a fighting game based off the anime/manga, Dragon Ball Z. Begin learning to play by talking to Master Roshi at Kame House. There are no admins besides myself, and if you see a hacker, tell me and send PROOF. IN THE EVENT THAT YOUR STATS DON'T LOAD, LEAVE AND WAIT SEVERAL HOURS BEFORE REJOINING. 11/4/16: +Added Whis +Added Goku Black +Added Super Saiyan Rose

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  • [UPDATE] Naruto New Generations

    Welcome to Naruto New Generations! In this game you will customize and train your very own ninja to be the very best! Level your stats and choose your clan to begin your adventure. Changelog: -Fixed Music Glitch -Buffed Madara -Hand Signs are faster with Sharingan -Perfect Susano'o! Win an exam for it. Admins: Creatryx Fatul SasukeUchihaTK NarutoUzumakiTK

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  • Dragon Ball Raging Supernova [READ DESC]

    TURN GRAPHICS DOWN TO 1 FOR MINIMUM LAG! Welcome to Dragon Ball Raging Supernova! This is my third (but best) Dragon Ball Z game! Begin by reading the Tutorial GUI to learn how to play, and you can ask Master Roshi for details. PM Bugs to me Credit to Fatul for the Tutorial GUI. No More Updates. Comments disabled due to spam.

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