A judge sat in front of a cowering criminal. This villain had done many, many horrible things, and he knew it. Everyone knew it. He had clearly been shown to be guilty, time and time again. He deserved death, and nothing less. 
The judge stood up. The man cowered, dreading the words that would signify his demise.
"I've decided," proclaimed the judge. Looking at the guilty man, he continued. "You have done much evil. But I'm willing to forgive all of it, for your debt has been payed by another. I'll also prepare a huge mansion for you to enjoy, and you may live in paradise forever. Do you accept?"
The man considered this, but only for a moment. He stood up and faced the judge angrily, spittle flying from his lips. He declined the judge's offer. He rebuked the judge, calling the judge a cruel, evil tyrant. The man was thus taken away, and was given what he chose; death.

This man may seem silly for choosing death over forgiveness, but so many of us do the same exact thing...Read More

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