If I ever see YOU playing a fake Emote Dances that has stolen assets, I would legitimately UNFRIEND you without any chances.. Just so I can make space and not just see someone that is a fan of me play a emote game that has stolen assets!

No longer accepting friend requests at 175 friends. Sorry. :c

Hhaha, noob!!

I got warned a lot on this account and haven’t got banned! >:3Read More


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  • [Emote Save!] iiJakeGamer's Crazy Emotes

    Welcome to.. iiJakeGamer’s Crazy Emotes! Roam around on crazy islands and find crazy emotes! Talk with people, find emotes, find rare emotes but rare emotes are coming soon! —————Note————— Nothing is stolen but does have some inspired/referenced things that I wanted to add just because I don’t have that much ideas. My animations would have references and would be 100% IK Rigged by using Blender! It takes time for me to make emotes because I get bored unless I put music while I animate. This game was created because Emote Dances inspired me to make this game, make sure to play Emote Dances since they have inspired me to make this game! (This game has a lot of dislikes because of this idiotic kid called “friguy0” mass disliked my game because I didn’t give him admin..) —————Team————— Creator: iiJakeGamer Builder: iiJakeGamer Animator: iiJakeGamer GUI Designer: iiJakeGamer (basically all me)

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