Hello, I am James ヽ、
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Freelance Developer
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Pet Hero Simulatorヽ、
Antillique's Haunted-
-House (Royale High)、
“That's a good attitude. 
You should hate me ヽ、
more, curse me more, 
and detest me! ヽ、ヽ、
Then you should take 
the power of thatヽ、、
hatred and use it to ヽ、
survive this rotten world.”Read More


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    probs broken in some places. No plans to update or fix anything. Have fun! This game was made in a few hours. Promo code: 300likes Next promo code at 500 likes! UPCOMING: + Map overhauls + More maps + More crates UPDATE LOG: + Fixes + Music The best hiders don't hide at all! Seekers need to eliminate hiders, hiders need to survive the round. KEEP UP-TO DATE: Controls [KEYBOARD/XBOX]: Q/Y Button - Activates an ability for hiders and seekers. E/L1 - Changes hider's character into the nearest hider/NPC. X/B Button - Causes the hider to sit until the hider moves. Shift/R1 - Toggle sprint

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