Yo, I'm a Roblox video-maker that creates Animations, edit videos and produces Game Trailers!

I also do Roblox Development, mostly Building and Animating for games I've made. Check out Kasodus City! 

I've also somehow won two Bloxy Awards out of pure luck. Thank you all for voting me!

I don't have a Twitter at the moment, do not believe anybody claiming to be me. My real Twitter will always be linked to my Roblox

"can u friend me"

"can i have robux"

"are u recording"
I do save clips if anything cool or funny happens but for the most part no.

"please update mining sim/bubble gum sim/tower defense sim/ect."
I am not a developer for those games.

"you have [person] on your friends list can u tell them to do this"

"how did u get so much robux"
Mostly from trading around 2016-2018, while I no longer trade anymore I do get paid for commissions.

"how do you make your animations"
I use Moon Animator 2, I'll hopefully learn Blender someday. Sony Vegas Pro 14 for editing.


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