Hello, I'm Films.
An Asian boy who likes lemons and drifting. 

I'm not hiring or in need of assistance currently. Any message offering help, I'm sorry but I'll decline and most likely ignore it. Thank you.

I'm currently working on:
Attack On Titan: Downfall[9%]

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  • [AOT Testing 2]

    Thanks to everyone who PMd me, The invisible glitch still happens so I'll just rescript the entire 3dmg from scratch. For now, if it happens just press P

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  • Attack On Titan: Downfall [PUBLIC TEST BUILD]

    ~Removed L for Class Changing and put up new buttons for class changing in the menu (So it won't count your deaths) This is a VERY EARLY test build of the game, it's repetitive and there's not much to do but I hope you enjoy it. The only time this will be down is when I'm updating or testing something with the data. THE GAME WILL NOT SAVE YOUR CHARACTER AS OF YET P FOR CHARACTER CHANGE, L FOR CLASS CHANGE Q/E FOR HOOKS, SPACE FOR GAS, A/D W/D SWING/REEL PRESS M TO MUTE MUSIC PRESS F WHILE AIMING MOUSE ON SOMEONE AS A SUPPLIER/MEDIC WILL GIVE THEM SUPPLIES/HEALTH EXPERT MODE [ALL ABNORMAL TITANS] There are 4 classes in-game and some aren't canon in the series -Special thanks to Mustaccio for the animations.

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  • Attack On Titan [BETA]

    NEWS: Read desc here :!/game-instances STRESS TEST FOR NEW AOT :!/game-instances "Why is it still in BETA if there are no more updates?" A: I didn't meet up the features I had originally intended, I do not want this to be considered as a "full" game If you lose your stats, pm me along with proof (screenshot of your old stats) !IMPORTANT! IF THE SERVER YOU'RE IN DOESN'T LOAD YOUR STATS AFTER 10 SECONDS OF GETTING IN, LEAVE AND REJOIN OR ELSE YOUR STATS MIGHT GET OVERWRITTEN! U = Change Team (PVP),F = Skill , Q/E = Hooks(kick/punch for shift),H = Horse,Z = Flare,T = Player List OFFICIAL GROUP = PM ME ANY BUGS LIKE NO TITANS SPAWNING

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  • Tokyo Ghoul Demo

    This is a demonstration of the kagune animations. Note : THIS IS JUST A DEMONSTRATION, THIS ISN'T REALLY WHAT THE GAME WILL BE LIKE! (kinda like a Tech demo) I know what you're thinking #### why can't jason attack us" #### story, ew" #### ugly map" #### boring demonstration" #### ### #### because I'm only demonstrating the kagune lol If you want to restart again, just reset. If you're interested in updates about the game, join here: or here or follow me at my twitter @iRemonSama Sorry to people who record this and put in youtube only to have the audio removed out. :(, just mute the game if you're going to record if you're going to speak in your video lol Controls = Q = release Kagune R = Special Attack Click = Normal Attack

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