Eventually, everyone goes away.

Even if they promise, it will happen, theres nothing you can do about and nothing I can do about it.

The only thing we CAN do is wait til that moment comes and deal with the pain when they leave.

You dont have to believe me now or later, or in the next couple years, but you'll see at sometime in your life, no one sticks around.

You can only ever trust yourself, youve got your own back and nothing else.

xelvage# 1111

im 16 aswell.


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    ~WIP~ ! Hello, I'm Belle (HellsPrice) the creator of the game <3, please be patient while I build the game, I try to make as much as I can. I'm currently a High School student so I'm trying to balance everything together to make the game as well as I can ! What's in the Game Already: -Bar -Music Shop -Library -Headless Command (-headless/-unheadless) -Levels What's going to be in the Game: -Sushi Shop -Disco -More <3

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