• The Chosen One

    Tired of admin games where every player has the same power as you? Ever wanted to be the only admin in a server full of players? Tired of being the test dummy of youtubers who have admin powers on every game?! Well, this time the roles swap and you will get to be the only person with POWER... The Chosen One is a funny sandbox roleplaying experience where the oldest player in the server (the one with the highest amount of Time) gets to be the admin (aka the chosen one) and experiment it's powers on up to 30 players! Commands: 123 (new commands every week?) Private server buildings are saved automatically forever! /JoinVC to join a voice-chat-only server /JoinXL to join a 30-players server

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  • If you OOF you get BANNED

    If you OOF you get BANNED is an epic sword fighting experience where you can hangout with your friends (oof 'em so they get banned for 24 hours) and have lots of fun! 🏆 Flex your stats on the leaderboards ⚔️ Oof other players to get them banned for 24 hours 💀 Be careful not to oof or you will end up banned for a day 🎨 Earn score to customize your katana from head to toe ✅ Maintain a positive K/D ratio to max out your HP Made by TomazDev =)

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