Hello there.  I'm a Norwegian developer and the Founder & CEO of Tor Studios. My messages are restricted to followers only to help make my inbox more manageable. I always read my messages and I reply to most of them too. 
What I've achieved on Roblox: 
I'm a regular of the Roblox Developer Forum. 
I'm one of few owners of the in real life "Bloxopoly" game designed by Roblox. 
I have been featured on the official Roblox Developer Relations Twitter. 
I have been featured on the official Roblox Blog. 
I have been featured on the official Roblox Facebook. 
I attended the Roblox Developer Conference 2018 in Amsterdam. 
I have participated in the Roblox Developer Conference 2018 Amsterdam Game Jam.


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  • Story Of Britannic [LEGACY]

    The game has been discontinued as I'm the only one developing the game and I've lost all motivation to keep working on it. Everyone that bought access will not be refunded and I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Access to the game will still be able to be bought but don't expect updates. My newest project can be seen here: Updates: - Filtering Enabled! - New Moderation System - Added more details to the ship

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  • Sinking Ship Simulator [ALPHA ACCESS]

    You are on a ship having a blast until the moment you find out you are in the middle of the Bermuda triangle! Suddenly a mystical fog approaches and surrounds the ship, all of a sudden the ship starts to sink! Complete Quests, Launch some Lifeboats, Escape the Ship and Save fellow Players and... Wait is that a Goat in the distance?! Why paid access? The game is still in development and in order to control the playerbase and collect all feedback we've chosen to restrict the amount of players. The game is NOT completed and we do NOT want anyone to believe it is. To compensate for the paid access we offer perks to all testers upon release. We hope that you will help us test the game and if not, we see you upon release. The latest update includes a new ship, new tools, new user interface and more. Read the full update here:

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