• Sinking Ship Simulator [ALPHA]

    Welcome to Sinking Ship Simulator! You are on a ship having a blast until the moment you find out you are in the middle of the Bermuda triangle! Suddenly a mystical fog approaches and surrounds the ship, all of a sudden the ship starts to sink! Complete quests, launch some lifeboats, escape the Sinking Ship and save fellow players and... Wait is that a Goat in the distance?! What does alpha mean? The game being in alpha means that it's still within active development, which means bugs are expected to exist and occur. Features (such as lifeboats and quests) will also not be out yet, but they are by all means planned. Alpha is a way for us to allow you amazing players to get a taste of the game while also allowing us to collect feedback. We hope you enjoy your gameplay! The latest update includes neat visual effects, mobile and tablet support (experimental) and much more!

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