hi i 3d model stuff

ive contributed to front page games such as:

- Welcome to Bloxburg (Asset Submissions)
- Adopt Me (Furniture Commissions)
- 6th Annual Bloxys (Builder/Modeler)

i was mention on the blog too:

and here too: More

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  • Down the Road [Showcase] [UPDATE]

    NEW: Player Choice You now have the option to use either R15 or R6. NOTE: R15 is not compatible with the motorcycle gamepass, so you might want to stick with R6 if you have the gamepass Change log: - New Intro - Doorbell now works - Motorcycle is now a DLC (For more details, view gamepass description.) - Fixed floating roads and trees It's finished. This has taken all my building skills to complete and I'm very happy with this result. I'm proud to say that this is my BEST showcase, and yes, I have improved very much :) HUGE thanks to Fastcar48 for saving me multiple times for scripts I needed for the showcase. I mean seriously compare the toilet from 'Modern Complex Home' to the toilet in this game. If you don't like this game, I suggest you leave feedback so I can improve. Thanks, and enjoy! (Below are update logs from previous versions) ___________________________________________ UPDATE LOG: 5/13/16 -Added shaders -Added light decals for detail

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  • La Paz [Showcase] [OPEN]

    ---THE GAME IS NOW OPEN! Feel free to enjoy whats in here!--- In a world where two suns orbit around the peaceful island named "La Paz", the house of beauty stands near the vast ocean. UPDATES: no body cared that i closed it and the dislike bots spread to my other showcases, so its back up. 110 dislikes and i'll close it again. Credits are in-game. Please take the time to look at them.

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  • Modern Humble Home [Showcase]

    After a massive Continental Drift, this house has been washed away into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. *this is my most visited showcase for some reason, and my first showcase. if you want to see something better, visit a recent showcase of mine like "down the road"

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