• Dread Lock [Horror Adventure Game]

    Clicking on highlighted objects with your mouse allows you to interact with them. This includes buttons within the environment and collectible weapons/items. _______________________________________________ To reload the weapons, press "r" or press "e" when near an Ammo-Stash. To heal, either find a bottle of Remedy (+15 Health) or find a MedKit (85% Health) and hold click. To reset, select the flashlight tool and press "k". _______________________________________________ This game has largely been without updates for many years, yet has maintained a steady traffic of players. The building itself has been unchanged since it was first built in late 2008 with only minor updates in such as GUIs and Lights when they became available. _______________________________________________ Preserved mainly as a retro game, it is a great play if you enjoy nostalgia, hard shooters and exploration.

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