• The Conspiracies of Hawkins [Stranger Things RP]

    New feature for PC: press Shift P to freecam, useful for filming or taking photos Welcome to Hawkins, Indiana! A wonderful place to grow up, to raise your family, to shop at Starcourt Mall, to walk your dog! But then... mysterious deaths! Government cover-ups! A bizarre chemical leak! Is it all linked? All a vast conspiracy? What will YOU discover? Credits: 0le28 (founder, builder, scripter) xantexsx (builder) MikeWheeler_AVC (help with morph hair combos) IMichael_wheelerI (most of the music) Spider-Man homecoming suits, {CSOM} Stranger Things, Bullseye Designs, thrifts n' things, Ry's Threads, Shelby Company Limited, Winterhall (clothes) JOIN THE GROUP FOR REWARDS:!/about

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