Hi I'm hoshpup! I love building and designing games, pretty much all of my time on Roblox is spent doing just that. But if I'm not online then I'll probably be either busy working or creating my next animation.

The Friends system has now been changed, so I will now only be accepting friend requests from people that I know well. However do feel free to Follow me instead.

Followers can PM me. Make sure your "Who can message me" settings are set to: "Friends, Users I Follow and Followers". (Can be found under the Privacy tab).

I don't donate.

If you have any suggestions / ideas for my games or if you have any questions in general feel free to send me a message :)

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to play my games, your continued support means a lot!


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  • Gardens vs Graves Battlegrounds [Anniversary!]

    Gardens vs Graves Battlegrounds is a game where you can play as one of the many classes and fight it out over an objective! Use your character's weapons, skills and abilities to overcome the enemy! Big thanks to Simon3676 for the new character models! Updates: [4.5] Anniversary update skins, New Lawn City map revamp and Halloween skins! [4.4]: New map and character skins! [4.3.2]: Team update! Autobalance, preferred team select and team swapping. [4.3]: 4 New maps! Character skins! Sniper updates! Balance changes. Follow the game and many others via the social tab below! Join the group! https://www.roblox.com/groups/2735872/Hoshpup-Studios-Red/ Controls: [PC]: C to change camera mode (freecam, first and third person) Formally known as Plants vs Zombies Battlegrounds

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  • Outbreak Survival [2.9.520]

    Join the group to keep up to date on all the latest news and changes: https://www.roblox.com/My/Groups.aspx?gid=657551 Welcome to Outbreak Survival! The aim of the game is to survive a set amount of time without getting infected by the Zombies, or infect all the humans to win the game. The game is under renovations and will be re-released in the Summer as Outbreak Survival 3.0. A smaller transition patch will be released soon (2.99) that will fix all the current bugs in the game and make it smoother to play.

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  • Gardens vs Graves Tycoon

    Welcome to Gardens vs Graves Tycoon! Buildup your Tycoon to earn more currency to progress further into the game. Battle the Zombies in the Graveyard and earn badges! Tycoon progress saves for your next visit! [05/18/2019 Revive Update]: All new Zombie and Plant models, revamped VIP room with additional items, bug fixes, new badge icons, new morphs, game is back online and ready to play! Follow the game and many others via the social tab below! Join the group! https://www.roblox.com/groups/2735872/Hoshpup-Studios-Red/ Formally known as Plants vs Zombies Tycoon

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  • Gardens vs Graves Obstacle Course - [Legacy Game]

    Welcome to Gardens vs Graves Obstacle Course! Brought back with new characters, badges and improvements for you to play! Enjoy this classic Obstacle Course game once more! If you owned any of the old VIP T-Shirts they will still work here! Formally known as Plants vs Zombies Obstacle Course

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