Congratulations to the one and only person who noticed the deliberate mistake on this blurb, the mistake was I called my main a 'he' when I am infact a 'she'. If you need to contact me, please PM my main (Roebot56), if you need confirmation ask Roebot56 as well.Read More

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    Incase people still wanted to play it. To get tanks on the field, move around on the top of the regen for about 5 seconds and you should spawn in your tank, Do NOT fire tanks weapons when moving, they can backfire. Say RegenGallian or RegenImp to fix any problems with the class choosers, Say RegenTanks to fix any problem with the tank regens/badge doors, Say RegenAdmin to regen admin things if they are broke, this includes the teleport. Do NOT play this game in first person as it is impossible to see your weapon and is also impossible to see out your tank. 259 for old map. Engineers now carry Ragnaid (Heal), click on the torso of a player to heal them. Tanks are free apart from the heavy tanks which are VIP.

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