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-> Name: VtntGaming (Also called as Vtnt, VtntGamer or Tnt) 
-> Usually play Obby Games (DCOs, Jtoh, Toh,..) and Rhythm Games (Robeats and Robeat CS). I also play other non-rblx rhythm games such as osu! 
-> Extra info: 
I usually scripting, building stuff, build UI, make thumbnail, ... 
Good at scripting, coding, animating object, making thumbnail, UIs, ect...
I also have a yt channel and twitter. Check it out if ya wanna see what I can do in it. 
I have alot of alts. 2 of them are main alt which for testing games. 
My main roblox group: https://www.roblox.com/groups/5245079 
I also verry hate drama and scamming things, gold diggers, slenders, ect.. I do not want to see it so ya...
Have a good day gamer
Osu profile: osu.ppy.sh/users/15814290

>Modified: 18/07/21<


  • osu!RoVer

    osu!Rover is a rhythm game that was inspired by osu!standard (osu!) made by ppy. In this game, you will have to click circles in the beat to gain points and accuracy. Miss = lost of performance and rank. Recent update: [v1.38]: + Added bunch of gameplay update. + Some other bugfix / small updates. + In-Game leaderboard is now here, can show up to 100 players, work 90% like osu! leaderboard. You can turn this off if you don't want to get covered by the leaderboard (Leaderboard always off when on mobile with mobile mode enabled) + Play screen area is now reduced from 0.9 > 0.8 + New Game Icon! Added 6 set of beatmaps [33 difficulties]: (Join our server for more detailed news) How to close chat? Click the white icon in the top-left corner. We're adding more songs and updates into the game, consider to like the game if your enjoying it! Join our community server to view more detailed news on the updates! osu!4kRoVer when... Credit @Lytogo for the game icon.

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  • VtntGaming's Place

    This is your very first Roblox creation. Check it out, then make it your own with Roblox Studio! My first place lol

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