Hi, I'm alexnewtron! I've been on Roblox for over 10 years!  If you have a question for me, tweet me @alexnewtron on Twitter (also follow me). I sometimes read my messages ( and sometimes reply ), but I always read my tweets!  

2018 - Mobile game of the year: MeepCity
2018 - Most Concurrents Mobile: MeepCity
2018 - Most Visits Mobile: MeepCity
2018 - Technical Achievement Award: MeepCity
2017 - Most Concurrents Overall: MeepCity
2017 - Technical Achievement Award: MeepCity
2011 - Game Developer Of The YearRead More

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  • 🎃 MeepCity 🎃

    💙 💙The game that's helping Power Imaginationβ„’! Chat, play games, earn coins, and customize your very own estate! Play with millions of players who play MeepCity! 💙 💙 > 🎃It's Halloween in MeepCity! Go Trick or Treating in the neighborhood with your friends and earn candy! Equip the FREE Candy Basket toy to get started! > Buy exclusive October only items this season with candy you earn! > Haunted House coming soon... 🔆🔆Click the Follow button for news and updates on MeepCity!🔆🔆 Follow me on Twitter for news and updates about Meep City! MeepCity Staff - Check us out on Twitter! @alexnewtron - Director and Programmer @TrainedDoorman - Creative Director @KrixYazRBX - Assistant Director / Builder @Celestaphone - Music Composer @HolidayPwner - Builder @ejobwastaken (ejob) - Animator

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  • Club DJ

    This game is a work in progress. Join rooms and play music together with friends!

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    Your friends PWN you in Dodgeball! PWN them in ROBLOX Dodgeball! Fight in 6 vs 6 games, RED vs BLUE! Learn new pro strategies, and make friends with the countless fun of Dodgeball!

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