• nairb's Market/Limit Orders TC Guide!

    ROBLOX must have busted something, so I am going to sell Game Passes instead. The Place is now open! You may suggest ideas to improve either the guide or the infrastructure in the forum, PM's, or comments. Anyway, here are the rules: 1. Sharing, Thumbing Up, and leaving a Favorite are allowed, and encouraged. Sharing for more recognition, and Thumbing Up/Leaving a Favorite for trust. 2. Leaking, Reporting, and Thumbing Down are not tolerated, and actions will dole out as such. Leaking for Copyright issues, Reporting for TL:DR and misconception issues, and Thumbing Down for the same reasons as Reporting. 3. The rest of the contents in this guide are covered in-game, so you need to play it to find out what's inside. Again, not the same story as before.

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