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Computer science student - 2007 Roblox veteran - DevForum Community Sage.
2D / 3D digital artist and programmer (C++, C, JavaScript, Lua, Java), software, web, UX.

I joined Roblox in 2007. Inspired by Animorphs and other science fiction, and despite knowing nothing about code, I created Be an Alien and Build a Nest. The game hit the front page and stayed there for quite a while before finally being put to rest after a few years at around 500k visits. I then took a hiatus from Roblox from 2012 - 2016, returning following my first introductory computer science course in university to practice what I learned and further develop the mindset necessary to be successful in my later years.

I currently develop Be an Alien: Renewal in my free time - my goal being to create what I would have loved when I was young.

I wouldn't be who I am today were it not for this platform.Read More


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  • Be an Alien: Renewal

    Become one of many fully animated, custom alien characters. Explore, build, and roleplay with other players! EARLY ALPHA. You can't see it, but yes, we're approaching Beta. Admins can color their text. If you think an admin isn't real, ask them to color their chat text. Current admins/mods can be found in the group. If you have a serious problem, you MUST use the report feature in the bottom right corner of the screen. These go to our admins with a server ID. Someone will always eventually read your reports, so use this responsibly.

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  • Super Bathtub Unclogger 2019

    You are having several issues: 1. You cannot turn off the shower 2. You are having breathtaking plumbing problems 3. You have been shrunk by the wizard that ruined your plumbing The wizard has decided to reward you for stuffing yourself down the drain, and will do Helpful Spells in exchange for Points. If somebody gets enough Points, he Definitely Promises to stop ruining everything. DevForum shame jam 2019 - 3rd place

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  • Bread Game


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  • Just be Spyro

    You literally just get to be Spyro. :V

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