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    Hello everyone I am chris e3e I played roblox since 2008 :3.Mia favorite color is Blue,Purple,and Black :3 and Sports I played are Football,Soccer,and Basketball.I mostly go on roblox when i want to hang out with mia great friend(thats u guys :P)I love the subject Math e3e.The longest friends I probably knew are Codey500,Tangrrl,and Thunderlight01.All mia others friend are great but these friends i knew the longest are rlly special to meh.All mia friends are awesome and i love them :3 Codey500-Codey is the best guy u can meet, he supports meh and watches mia back, we are blood brothers and knew each other for like 3 years :P. Tangrrl- I know she doesnt get on much now but she does once in a while I also knew her for 3 years and I wish I can hang out with her more. Thunderlight01-Shes the best friend i will never forget and always remmeber her i will never froget u and i will miss u D: I cant go a week without u and i love u =3

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