Hi! My name is Coollexeee  Here is a bit about meh!

Y - Yes N - No M - Maybe D - Depends

Will I donate to you? D
Will I accept you FR? M
Am I good at building? D
Am I awesome? Y
Will I let you script for me? Y
Will you be my slave? Y

I like to be random, eat candy, be awesome
I hate campers, people who Grind-Kill me, and hackers.
I am okay with everything else. Except bees. I hate those with every fiber of my being.Read More



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  • Fallen World (WIP 25% Done)

    This world is fallen. The world finally came together, and became advanced more than ever. The realized that nuclear waste won't have any effect if buried, so the buried all of it, which is a lot, in a single. unaware to them, it was disaster waiting to happen. Rogue terrorists and cultists teamed up to free the waste and save us. The planned to use a mini nuke to blow it up. The nuke blasted The waste high into the atmosphere, spreading it everywhere. You are trying to survive, and to do so you must kill others, do you have what it takes?

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  • testing

    Just a place I use to test weapons and make new ones for fallen World....

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