You can call me Tiger or Valdos. Whatever you prefer.

I’m a builder in ROBLOX. I mostly build Sci-Fi style, but I can match most other styles.

I'm the builder and game director of Valdos Games' upcoming Sci-Fi MMORPG, Cygnus! Check it out via my Twitter or the group.

Rating of myself skill-wise:
Building — 8/10 
Scripting — 1/10
GFX — 3/10


Clan Accomplishments:

Colonel in F.E.A.R.

Advisor of Justice in F.E.A.R. Justice Department

Trooper in F.E.A.R. RF

Professor in F.E.A.R. FMA

Commander of T.I.G.E.R.

L3 in UCR

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  • Bonded Souls

    This is the prequel to Warped Reality. ---------------- TigerValdos built, composed the music, and voice acted everything in the game. ---------------- Scripts by TinyEndoskeletonGuy, the creator of Warped Reality. Play that here: https://www.roblox.com/games/953375263/Warped-Reality

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  • [PRE-ALPHA] Valdos Robotics Facility

    Just realized this place has over 900 visits.. I have no clue how it got that popular, its not even finished. Regardless, thank you everyone! ---------------------- Far away from civilization in an unknown mountain environment, crazy science and explosions are taking place in the Valdos Robotics Facility! Like mechs and robots? Well we have both! Enjoy your stay! (Valdos Technology is not responsible for any injury or death that has a 98.5% chance of occuring. Enter at your own risk.) ---------------------- Keep in mind game is in pre-alpha, so bugs and glitches are common. Things will also be very raw and jumpy, as development progresses expect things to get better. ---------------------- Built by: TigerValdos Programmed by: TinyEndoskeletonGuy and robbert66

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