I joined Roblox on September 28th, 2008 on this account with my original username of "stormtrooper613." I had many experiences on this platform, from exploring the blocky worlds of Classic Roblox, fighting in the old Clan Wars as a High Rank in RAT, making youtube videos, meeting lifelong friends, and becoming a Solo Game Developer.

Games I have created include Escape Jail Obby 1 & 2 in the early days of roblox, with the original one making the front page several times. Captivator, which was my first game which I scripted totally on my own and bulit from the ground up, and Ball Blast which was featured by Roblox in the Featured category on the front page and is my best work as a scripter and a builder to date.

Video games have always meant a lot to me and I hope that the games that I create can bring as much joy to others as video games have for me :D

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