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  • The Tsume Kaji Swordsmen

    Long ago a culture unique to its own formed in Robloxia. They were called Tsume Kaji. The Tsume Kaji lived daily along side ancient creatures called Fushichou. These flaming birds ruled their lands and showed them how to construct great temples, such as the great Telamon Temple amidst the mountain. ▬▬▬ But they were wiped off Robloxia by a great evil. No one knows who or what this evil was, but only one family, the Duels survived. They defeated the great evil with the power of the last Fushichou. ▬▬- The last known remenant, Jacobxxduel has rediscovered the clans aicent history and a Fushichou has been awakened in him. Now he seeks to rebuild the once great Tsume Kaji. ▬▬- To get into this group, you must first earn the badge found in The Masters Challenge. Then you MUST prove your worth in battle. You can atempt to prove yourself in battle to me or MilkMan without the badge, but if you don't have it you'll be a step behind the rest.

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    BrickCo is a friendly building community that is open to all.

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