Yo' I'm Xero, I'm a skrub with no life! I'm basically the only thing on this website that still keeps the cancer train going' Anyways if you want to know more bout' me check my my media! , My skype Is Xerovernis, the same for my discord: Xerovernis#9411, I like to help others any way I can, I wont join groups either unless I feel like I can handle the "times for ranks/training" or what it promotes. I'm 13 aswell.. Now I am a weeb and a squeaky brit sounding skrub, But that's small stuff, anyways ye' I play rp games and fps, as well as anime and horror, If you see me, go ahead and say hi!, I enjoy new friends/followers and to have fun!, See ya'! (Also since I am a true skrub i have this in my bio: "A common error is that some people think that people who signed up after 2010 are noobs. This is not true as a person's status as a "noob" is not determined by what date they joined, but by how long they have played and how experienced they are." -Roblox WikiaRead More

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