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Game developer and programmer 

Co-Founded Virtual Valley Games with Inyo22. VVG creates intense simulation games, join for a community of players that share your interests! 
Find Roblox Titanic featured on pages 64 and 65 of the book "Roblox Top Adventure Games"

Active projects:
Roblox Titanic, Britannic, a 3rd game announcing this month, Cube Simulator

Programmed Comedy Club by EndlessAmazement

Thank you to those that played my old games in early Roblox, you guys have encouraged me to pursue game development full time. Unfortunately, most of the games are no longer playable due to security requirements started in 2018, they live on as Roblox game reviews 
Roblox Hiking 
Sword Fight and Sink a City / Industrial Gladiators 
Laserbike Racing


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  • Roblox Titanic Classic

    Play the modern Roblox Titanic This game ran its course August 2009 to December 2015. Thanks to everyone who played it. Roblox was just in its infancy and this game has grown along with Roblox. It was made without a security feature, due to being built before that feature even existed, and Roblox has made it mandatory as of July 2018. You can actually get to a barebones version of this game by playing Roblox Titanic 2.0 (link above) and finding the option in the lobby gallery hallway. You will see an option to play Roblox Titanic Classic. It will not be the same, but you can explore the ship and experience the sinking.

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