• One Day (Alpha)

    **Update Log** Day/Night Cycle Added Death Timer added Remember the game is not finished, it is also in very early stages of development and a way to beat the game has not yet been added in!!! oh And also if you were wondering, yes anyone that purchases the alpha version of the game, will recieve a bonus in the final game, that if were to be bought would cost more than buying alpha, just a small hint!! One Day is Game based on the premise that you have one day to live, within that time you must try and get off of the island, if you don't get off in time, you die, if you fail you can easily restart, if you like the idea feel free to play it with the small price tag, this price will be lowered and soon dropped once the game further's in development, please remember this game is in alpha and will have lots of bugs and lots of features that are mentioned but not yet in the game

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