Hai! ^w^ I'm Gommy_Renard!

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Please read before messaging me:
-i don't accept friend requests.
-We do not hire admins.
-i don't listen to update requests but i'm open to suggestions.

I'm French
I love videogames, i'm a nolife.
I'd love to develop (real) games
I also enjoy drawing and create virtual stuff

I'm a really nice guy, unless if you try to abuse of my kindness

i is 21 (but kinda immature lel)
🐺I'm a Furry!🦊
And i'm weirdo sometimes :>

Thats all you need to know about me.Read More

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  • Animatronic World !

    Planned updates: -The map that litterally nobody asked for: FnaF 6 map -New maps -New features ;3 -New OC Factory editor -blowing up people constantly asking for updates 💣💥 Welcome to Animatronic World ! Play as your favorite animatronic, or make your own, or just play as human. Hangout, roleplay, make new friends, explore the places, eat pizza, say hello to the guard at night! and of course, have fun! ⚠Your account must be 20 days old to be able to join the game. ⚠The game is not designed to run properly on mobile devices, and it's not planned to make it. We're sorry for the inconvenience. 👉Group: https://www.roblox.com/My/Groups.aspx?gid=2697822 👍Credits goes to Scott Cawthon, original creator of FNaF.

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