• drive down the slide of doom! (Drive to win Tele!)

    Welcome to DRIVE DOWN THE SLIDE OF DOOM! Where you go down a slide and make it to Winners! -Updates -Fixed The Stairs Teleport from flinging you on death -Made a Drivers to Winners Teleporter (Teleporter Costs 10000 Points) Shutting Down the servers usually means Updates or Fixes. There is also a secret door, you will have to find the code to enter the door and you will find a bunch of stuff including a GOLDEN RADIO! (aka the raining tacos machine lol rip audios) If you need help figuring out the code, just ask the hinter for a hint to the door! If you find anything wrong, or wanna suggest something cool. you can message dvd3000, or post it on our katlandia roblox group: https://www.roblox.com/groups/3132012/clifford-pls#!/about (This game is based off of older ROBLOX) credits: game by dvd3000, wiesel27, FadedDucky scripting by roundfly333 and FadedDucky video trailer and pics by shoeliver, FadedDucky

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    car stuff testing everything regens every 3 minutes

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