Formerly known as Xegic.

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    You're most likely here because you're on my friends list and I wanted everyone on my friends list to read this. [TO DEVELOPERS AND VETERAN FRIENDS] To those who don't clan on my friends list, I lead a group called Havoc Ascendancy. If you don't clan, you may not be interested but we have a discard and if you're not a clanner and you're on my friends list, you mean a lot to me and will be ranked honorary in it. If you join, reply back and let me know for your rank! Also please join the discard! [TO CLANNERS NOT IN HA] HA is undergoing many cool changes and if you're not in it, I recommend you check it out or at least join the discard linked below! [TO CLANNERS IN HA] Make sure you're in our discard and have mentions turned on. If you decided to mute or leave due to the pings, you can request a role which only notifies you about events only. Just ask! [OTHER] You don't have to join the game, it's just a baseplate. Any questions, just reply! - Xegic

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  • The Kiddy Clan | Headquarters

    I decided to put this back on my profile; mainly for the nostalgia of our old members. Hopefully you look back at this place and look how we started out and how far we have blossomed into a fearsome and established clan. For Ascaria! Hail TKC!

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  • Xegic's Gear Training Place

    Although this is a place only for me to train, I have enabled it so mentors and above in TKC can train here also. PM me for the commands and any gear you would like added to the list.

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