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Hi. My name is theawesomeSC4sim. I like making things.Read More

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  • Driving and Transit training area

    If you are interested in becoming a Transit Operator for MiWay please join this group ( In order to drive for us you must be able to communicate well, provide an open source of communication, be openly flexible, work under pressure and follow directions. If you want to have a 1 on 1 training please send a message to any of our Trainers at MiWay. You can also send us a Direct Message on social media @SaugaTransit. Any questions don't hesitate to ask. If you are caught inside the depot or driving a bus without permission you will be ejected from the game. SPECIAL THANKS TO: Boeing77W - NovaBus LFS BUSESVI - MiWay edit of the NovaBUS ChampDeLaBlox - Bus Controls Aeuri - Auva Cars

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  • LRV Testing

    Where my LRV for TTC will have its factory testing before being sent to Driving And Transit Training Area

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  • Mississauga

    Like the game? Join MiWay group for updates! Follow @TheAmazingMino That's me The Custom-made City of Mississauga, Ontario. A city west of Toronto. Takes place in the current year, and with Haipa (Hypolium) Energy, the fuel powering cars and buses. Cars in this place are from Sokudo and Ikeda Motors. The buses in this place are New Flyer buses, and the MiLocal bus is an Orion VII NG HEV EPA. There are some cars included with sound, but only the MiExpress and MiLocals are equipped with sound. In Mississauga, you can drive freely, work at MiWay and drive buses, live in your own home, roleplay, have meetings, fly planes and much more. - Join the Toronto Transit Commission and York Region Transit today! They both support this place! TTC: | YRT:

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