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    ✨Next code at 5000 likes!! Love your support!! 🙏👍 Thank you for your "Thumbs Up!" 🙏 New Year 2021 Code: candy2021, volt2021, boostgold2021, boostgem2021 Join Our Group -> SuperNooblox Studios <- Get New Code! https://www.roblox.com/groups/5309843 🔥 Welcome to Energy Simulator! 🔥 Become the strongest player by buying swords, sickles or Hammers, leveling up your rebirth, unlocking new islands and areas, equip pets and defeating mighty monsters! 💨 This update includes the following: - 💃 Samsara 💃 - Super Rebirth - 💪 [ Body Energy ]💪 Tips: Candy -> Buy Boost, Pet in Cave and Body Energy Volt -> Buy Skill, Pet and Body Energy 🙋Report BUGS on the Group Wall.🐛 Tag: Energy Simulator, Energy Simulator, Energy Simulator, Energy Simulator, Energy Simulator, Power, Ninja, Simulator, 忍者、シミュレータ、パワー、忍者、シミュレーター、パワー, 能源, 仿真器

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