"Tiffany" is the English form of the Greek "Theophania." Meaning: appearance or manifestation of a deity to mortals. Theophania was also Byzantine princess and Empress of the Holy Roman Empire in the late 10th century. Every time I burped as a kid, my mom would say "how ladylike." Lady Theophania sounds regal but really it's just my burping technophile-self playing video games.

📌 I have a Break In (Story) Fan Group with 9200+ members. We currently have three Game Nights per week on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

     ⭐️ Current Break In (Story) Leaderboard Rank: 10th

📌 I actively trade items in MM2, Flee the Facility, and Adopt Me. I also do my best to keep others safe while trading. Let me know if you need a mm/mw or want to trade.

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