Tiffany | 41 | San Diego, CA

Break In Fan Group:


I'm an adult gamer (41!), but I don't care how old other players are. Young, old, and somewhere in between. If they're new, they can learn. If they're bad at the game, they can still enjoy it. The game is the focus. Some days, I'm really good at losing and that's okay.

Cheaters make me nuts. Don't ask me to team. I want to play at my best against other players at their best. That said, there's always time to be silly. 

My avatar clothes tend to be weird and I'm known to have a realistic nose. 

I have a "Break In (Story)" [by Cracky4] fan group and I trade hammers and gems in "Flee the Facility" [by MrWindy]. Find me, let's play!


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