I am a proud Roblox Developer. I have made games such as Giant Dance Off Simulator, Crab Simulator and Arcade Empire.

I focus on scripting but I can build. I know Lua, php, html and Java


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  • Giant Dance Off Simulator 2 [DISCONTINUED]

    This game is Discontinued and no longer being updated. Check out the new and improved Chapter:

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  • [UPDATE] Crab Rave Simulator [BETA]

    Welcome to Crab Simulator. Become the best Crab in the Server, collect Sea Shells for Pearls or even defend/fight others to become the best Crab in the Kingdom! Different top hats will give different shell rates when you collect a shell. Crab Skins give you more strength, health to fight, speed and Shell Storage which allows you to hold more shells! Be the first to become the King Crab! ⚠️ This game is only a BETA version. Expect bugs ⚠️ 🏘️ - Join our group:!/about 💰 - Join CC Games for extra cash ingame! 🐦 - Follow @CrazyCorrs on Twitter for free codes! 🚨Updates🚨 - Collecting Short Cut and UIs - Cheaper Prices for Beginners - Lego Land - Lego Land Skins - Lego Land Hats - Lego Land Boss ⌛Coming Soon⌛ 🏝️ - More Islands 🎩 - More Hats 🦀 - More Skins 🏆 - Quests 🚨 - More Minigames! Please join the group, fav and leave a like! We really appreciate it!

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  • 🧟Zombie Killing Simulator

    Welcome to Zombie Killing Simulator! Help Dr.Zeus cure the world. Your job is to collect as much Zombie Skulls as possible to help Dr.Zeus examine them and try make a cure! Don't worry it's not free labor Dr.Zeus will pay you for your quality of work. Lets save the world. This game is only a Beta version. Expect bugs. Join our group: Follow @CrazyCorrs on Twitter for free Codes! [WHAT'S NEW] - Pumpkin Launcher (Limited Time) - 16 New Halloween Skins (Limited Time) - Skeleton Zombie - Pumpkin Zombies - Free Costumes [PREVIOUS UPDATE] - TAR-21 - Nade Gun - Become Zombie Product - Quests - WWII Zombie - Weapon Charms - 66 New Skins

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  • Giant Dance Off Simulator [SOON]

    Made by CC Games SEASON 2 UPDATE COMING SOON! Not all Dances in this game are from Fortnite. We use all sorts of dances! Lots more to come please Favorite and Like! Follow @CrazyCorrs on Twitter to stay updated on new Updates. Known Tags: Dancing Simulator, Big Dancing Simulator, Giant Dancing Simulator, Dance Off Simulator

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